*laughs while actually getting feelings hurt*

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"Why does my happiness depend on your attention?"
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Angelina Jolie (1994)

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Disney’s Most Iconic Animated Features Through The Decades

I would like to point this out, not all of the 54 animated movies by Walt Disney Animation are depicted here. This post is meant to show a few of the iconic Disney characters pulled out of each of these decades. Some are omitted for 1) space, 2) a transparent image could not be found/used, 3) whether the film was underrated/generally not given much publicity or commercial appeal (obviously), or 4) for other reasons I can divulge on if personally asked. This is just to give a general overview of what Disney animation started in 1937 to 2014 through their iconic characters and films. This includes Disney’s more recent endeavors ’Frozen’ and ‘Big Hero 6’. Click the images for the names of the films shown.

I think it’s interesting how we say the “Golden Age” was during the 30s/40s, but the 50s show most of the Disney movies that have aged much better imo.

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"Free shipping on all orders"

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 bambi/indie blog 
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2,000 dollar bird warmer.

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